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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and 1900 Park Fare...a Princesstastic Day!

When Kennedy was 3 we took her to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for the first time.  Three is the minimum age so while she has visited Walt Disney World before, this was our first opportunity to go. I think it really the perfect age as she understood everything that was going on.

Let's start with the package options:

The Crown Package (starting at $59.95, plus tax)
Shimmering make-up, face gem
Princess sash and tote
Nail polish

The Courtyard Package (starting at $94.95, plus tax)
Shimmering make-up, face gem
Princess sash and tote
Nail polish
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique T-shirt
Trendy tutu

The Castle Package (starting at $194.95, plus tax)
Shimmering make-up, face gem
Princess sash and tote
Nail polish
Complete costume of your choice plus accessories
One 6" x 8" and four 4" x 6" photos in a princess-themed holder

For little boy's:
The Knight Package ($18.95 plus tax)
Hairstyling with gel
Mighty sword and shield

We opted for the  Crown Package and  brought our own dress. We decided to bring our own dress for 2 big reasons:
  1. It was cheaper!
  2. We knew that the selection they had there would be overwhelming. By bringing our own there was no decision for her to make. Although she didn't hesitate to purse the other options and pick out something for next time :)
(Need a dress? Be sure to Check Out Bibbidi Bobbidi Kids for some amazing, affordable and comfortable costumes!)
We arrived at our appointment about 10  minutes early and checked in. The waiting room is SMALL and there were a lot of people.  We didn't wait too long before her name was called.  Before they are brought back to start the makeover they are brought into a dressing room to put their dress on.  We had a little wardrobe malfunction in that the dress was a good 3 inches too long!! Luckily my mom is pretty handy with a pair a scissors (much to the dismay of the Fairy Godmothers).

Once she was dressed we went BACK to the waiting room until it was our turn.  It's an awkward space and when it's busy there isn't room for too many people to stand.  I don't think we waited more than 10 minutes or so before she was brought back.

Here she is picking out which Tiara she of course to match her dress!

Once in the chair the whole experience was about 30  minutes. She selected the traditional updo because it was the most like Cinderella. She doesn't really have  enough hair so there was a LOT of teasing and product.

There are 2 cast members working on the kids. One is doing hair while the other is doing makeup and nails.

I can't express how amazing they were with her.  About halfway through I think she was just overwhelmed and tired (it was only 10 in the morning). Since her nails and makeup were done, one of her Fairy Godmother's got out a book to read to her!

Overall I would say the experience was definitely worth it and she continues talking about it, weeks later. She tells me all about NEXT time we go!  Here are a few more photos from that day.

Blue nail polish to match her dress of course!

That evening we attended dinner at 1900 Park Fare.  To say it was a hit is an understatement! She loved being dressed up to meet the Royal family...especially Prince Charming! The food was pretty good too! All in all a princesstastic day!!

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