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Fairytale Connections: Our Character Experience Aboard the Disney Magic

We always rave about our character interaction aboard the Disney Cruise ships. We sail frequently without our kids (for a variety of reasons) but the one time we took our oldest (now 5) we had the most amazing interactions!

There are 3 specific interactions that really resonated with us, and I'll save the best for last!

Our first was right before dinner one evening. We were waiting outside the restaurant for my parents to arrive and out of no where Chip and Dale show up! They spent a solid 5 minutes playing with just our daughter.   She loved the intimate experience with them and it certainly made waiting a lot easier with an almost 2 year old!

Our 2nd interaction might almost tie for our favorite...but I'll get to that. This is one of those moments that I wish we had a camera but the memory will forever be etched in my mind. It was rather late one night, probably after 9 or 10 and we had just picked up our daughter from the nursery. We were walking down an empty hallway on Deck 5 when who should come walking toward us, with her nose in a book, but BELLE!! She spent a few moments quietly talking with our very sleepy girl, and off she went. We stood there very shocked and starstruck for a few minutes.

Our favorite, and most retold story from that sailing, was on Princess night.  Our little one was dressed as Cinderella and in between dinner and the show, we headed to the Atrium to meet a few Princesses.   As we approached Snow White her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh Princess Kennedy!!! It's so nice to see you!!"

My husband and I gave each other puzzled in the world did Snow White know her name?? She was GOOD!

Later we found out the reason she knew Kennedy's name was...they had already met!!  During some of the time she spent in the nursery, a few princesses (Snow White and Cinderella) came by to spend time with the babies!

It's one of those moments where every penny we spent on the cruise we knew was worth it. No where else could we get that intimate interaction between our daughter, and any character much less Mommy's favorite, Snow White.

We had some other great moments as well, but those are definitely our top 3!!

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