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Princess and Petticoats in the Park

Last year Living With The Magic Vacations hosted an amazing weekend away at Walt Disney World...just for the ladies. It was four days filled with some amazing special events, meals and quality time with a bunch of great ladies. We had sisters and friends, Moms and daughters, aunts, name it!  We had SO much fun that we decided to plan another trip for next year.

Imagine my surprise that we planned our Girls Getaway Weekend for the same weekend as Spring Dapper Day...and even more lucky, our itinerary matches up! We are SO excited to be able to participate in BOTH Girls Getaway and Dapper Day!

So...what IS Dapper Day?

Started in February 2011, DAPPER DAY® Events organizes fashionable outings to Disney Parks twice a year (spring and fall) in LA, Orlando, and Paris. These events include a "DAPPER DAY at the Parks" with informal in-park meetups, plus other happenings outside the parks such as our DAPPER DAY Expo (in the Disneyland Hotel® Exhibit Hall), DAPPER DAY Car Show, and our official after party FOLLY in Downtown Disney Anaheim. We sometimes organize other non-Disney-related events at various other locations throughout the year.

DAPPER DAY Events celebrates the tradition of "stepping out in style" and are meant to showcase you at your best. We do not aim to recreate a specific period. All sophisticated attire is encouraged from vintage-inspired classics to chic contemporary looks. Active and retired military are encouraged to wear your dress blues or service uniforms if you like. (Please note costumes or cosplay are better suited for other events.)

Basically it's a fun day, dressing in some vintage fashions, recreating a time gone by! If you've followed me for very long you'll know that I LOVE everything vintage. Disney's Boardwalk is my favorite, I own a record player with vintage records my grandparents owned, I've been known to go Swing Dancing (in my younger years) and most of all...the clothes! Oh my gosh the clothes! If I could wear dresses every day I probably would! The thought of a simpler time, where people had manners and just intrigues me so much!

Here are some photos from last Dapper Day. If you are considering joining us this year, whether for Girls Getaway, Dapper Day or a mix of both, just head to

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