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Mommy and Me Trip Recap (Part 2)

Last I left off the kids were asleep and I was waiting on our Magical Express luggage to arrive. Around 11 p.m. it did indeed show up and we slept nice and soundly...until 3 a.m. when my youngest decided she did in fact NOT want to sleep in the pack n' play and would rather sleep on my face instead. Waking up every hour with different requests (Momma...Momma....TV?? TV??). Finally it was time to actually get up and get ready for our first day!

Our plan today was to spend the morning at EPCOT and then the evening at Hollywood Studios. I set the kids up with drinks (that I had grabbed from the food court the night before) and Pop Tarts I had packed in our luggage, and grabbed a quick shower. Soon we were dressed and out the door!

So excited she couldn't sit still!

Mom..this looks like Belle's fountain..can you take my picture?
Kennedy got two surprises this was the matching shirts the girls and I wore and the 2nd was a brand new, Christmas Autograph book!

Getting to EPCOT was fairly painless. The bus showed up within a few minutes. Getting on the buses was tough with both kids and needing TWO hands to fold up the stroller but we managed. Much like not wanting to sit still...well anywhere, Finley did NOT love the bus. There was a lot of crying, climbing me, trying to get down...and a weird thing for touching/hugging other people. We were at EPCOT within about 10 minutes and heading for bag check!

We arrived just before 9 a.m. and they were letting people in the park but holding them at either Innoventions East or West. We headed to the West Entrance. Our Fastpass's for today were at Hollywood Studios so I wanted to head to the Character Spot first!

We were let in a bit before 9 and they were letting anyone in yet. A small word of advice...using your Fastpass at 9 a.m. to meet the Characters is not a smart choice. The family that had their 9 a.m. Fastpass's saw the character literally seconds before us! We quickly met Mickey, Goofy and Minnie and they were great! Goofy was Finley's favorite and Minnie spent some time dancing with the girls.

Next up was the Seas with Nemo and Friends...more specifically Turtle Talk with Crush!

They loved the ride in and luckily the next Turtle Talk started in only 10 minutes...there was hardly anyone there!

While Kennedy LOVED the show...Finley spent the entire time hugging EVERY single child.

We were now close to Finley's normal nap time and meltdowns were starting. Kennedy saw Pluto when we first walked in and I promised her we would head back to meet him.

Not a fan of waiting in her stroller. She hadn't figure out how to get out yet luckily.

After Pluto we made a quick stop to my man Eddie to order our traditional trip photo (hasn't arrived yet). And it was time for a snack!

Despite her crankiness she was thrilled to see Chip and Dale!

We spent a little time checking out Figment before heading to World Showcase for some Princesses. It was at that moment that poor Finley finally gave in for a nap!

Jasmine was first up on our to-do list. Unfortunately when we got there, we remembered why we didn't meet her last strollers in line :(

A Quick photo before our next stop!

Kennedy decided Belle was next so off to France!

We waited about 15-20 minutes for Belle but as Finley was sleeping it wasn't too bad!

We weren't quite hungry but Ice Cream sounded like a perfect treat for just the two of us!

 quick France Selfie!

A quick treat for Mommy before continuing on!

I asked her if she wanted to meet Mulan or Santa next as we needed to head to the Studios. She chose Mulan who's line was VERY long...but we waited anyway. She was very sweet with them and Finley seemed to enjoy it!

Everyone was getting rather cranky at this point...and hungry. So I did something I swear we'd never do...I took them to the American Pavillion for lunch. Finley screamed the entire time we were in line and I couldn't wait to just give her something to eat. We had packed snacks but they weren't cutting it. She gets very Hangry!!

Happy Girl with her Mac and Cheese! 

I noticed the line for Santa wasn't very long and we had to walk by anyway so we hopped in line! The girls were pretty excited! Kennedy asked for Mommy Ponies (My Little Pony's) and told him we'd be at Nana's house for Christmas (so he didn't deliver presents to the wrong house)!

After a quick stop for aspirin we were on the boat to the Studios. We met a nice family who had girls the same age as ours so the ride went fairly quickly. After arriving Kennedy asked for her photo to be taken in front of the tree.

We arrived later than planned and already missed one of our Fastpass's. We decided on meeting Sophia instead...luckily they let us take the stroller in line but it didn't stop Finley from screaming the entire time we waited.

We tried to meet Doc but unfortunately they wouldn't let us take the stroller in line and there is no way Finley would have stood nicely and waited. We parked the stroller to go to Voyage of the Little Mermaid instead when these guys came out...Kennedy was SO excited!

After Voyage of the Little Mermaid we had some time before our Fastpass for "For The First Time in Forever" so we decided to head back to meet Santa Goofy. I'm so glad we did!

Waiting in line for the Frozen Sing-a-long was PAINFUL! We were among the first in line but that meant we had about a 30 minute wait. Finley hated it. She screamed, cried, laid on the ground...screamed and cried some more. She was over it. Luckily once inside she LOVED the did Kennedy who really embraced the whole Sing-a-long thing....

Unfortunately that's the last photo of the night. Our plan was to see the Osborne lights but as we excited Frozen, we discovered it had been raining pouring the entire time we were inside...and I didn't have any type of cover on the stroller...nor did we even put the shades down. I was exhausted from Finley's tantrums all day and now I couldn't even put her in the stroller. We made the brave decision to walk over to the lights anyway but there was too many people and Finley did NOT want to be held. Since I couldn't put her down, and Kennedy was complaining of being tired, I threw in the towel.

We went back to our stroller and Kennedy walked aside it while I carried Finley. I'm not sure how but we made it back to the hotel (after grabbing some dinner/snacks in the food court). It was definitely not how I planned the day...being at the hotel at 7 p.m. but the kids were beat and I wanted to have a great 2nd day. I'm sad I missed the final year of Osborne Lights and was just praying the stroller would dry out by morning!

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