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Mommy and me...AGAIN or never again?

Remember that time I bravely stupidly took the kids to Disney by myself last year? If not, check out it HERE.... I swore I would never do it again.  Yet I find myself dreaming of Christmas decorations, yummy food and my little monsters princesses meeting their favorite characters.  Did I forget the screaming, crying, and rained out Christmas party? Maybe...but I digress. This year we have a better plan of attack...stay tuned!

We've booked direct flights and will arrive just before dinner.   The girls don't even know about the trip...much less that someone very special will be waiting for them at the airport....

Nana and I at last year's Girls Getaway Weekend

Nana is a big fan of Disney too and this isn't our first girls only trip :)
EPCOT 2008

With a little extra help and a better plan in place (learn from our mistakes) I'm excited for a Mommy, Mommy and me trip!! The plan is to head down for a long weekend with just 2 days at the park.

We'll head straight to our hotel via Magical Express. So far Kennedy has no idea about this trip (and requested our next Disney vacation to be a surprise) BUT I was booking a clients vacation the other day and when she saw All Star Movies she asked to stay there next time it is!!

Depending on how everyone does, we'll head to Disney Springs or a resort for dinner. No park time tonight, just trying to get a good night's sleep!

Park Day #1
First up..EPCOT!! It's so hard to pick just TWO parks but with the new Soarin, Frozen Ever After AND EPCOT'S International Food and Wine Festival...we had to pick EPCOT. Plus Character Meet and Greet's galore!!

Park Day #2
Today we'll be heading to our favorite place...Magic Kingdom! It's tricky as it's a Monday and we all know we shouldn't go to Magic Kingdom on a Monday! Unfortunately Sunday is a Christmas party so to maximize our time we have no choice. It's early Extra Magic Hours so we'll get there early and hit our favorites!  We'll be sure to take a break mid-day and head back for fireworks!!

Last year's Mommy and Me Trip!
 Last Day
Our flight is later in the afternoon so we'll sneak in breakfast and maybe even some swim time before heading home! It will be a fast few days but we are excited to head back with Nana!

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