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Packing for Alaska

I've said it time and time again but Alaska was one of my favorite vacations...but it was also the hardest to pack for. I want to shed some light on what you can expect as far as weather and what types of clothing you should bring.

Alaskan cruises occur in the summer which means milder temperatures...but it's Alaska right? Always snowing and cold? Nope! In fact there were a few days it was warmer in Alaska than back home in New York!

#1- The cold stuff...or rather the warm stuff!
Be sure you are bringing things with you to keep you warm I opted for a combo lined jacket that was also a rain jacket from Northface. It kept me warm when I needed it and on the occasion it rained, I stayed dry! Also don't forget WARM socks, gloves, scarves and hats! For the most part I used these things during our trip up Tracy Arm as well as our Whale watching excursion.

Tracy Arm was COLD and rainy! Disney Cruise Line does offer hot chocolate and cookies to help :)

Lauren and Patrick bundled up tight! Once that boat got moving the wind was ICY!!

#2- Pack layers!!
What I didn't expect were the few nice days! The clouds cleared up, the sun came out and it got down right toasty! With the sun out..don't forget to pack that sunscreen too!! These are the days where my jacket got a little heavy so bringing an extra light jacket wouldn't hurt either! Remember to pack jeans (we didn't wear shorts) as well as various tops (t's, sweaters, etc)

We woke up to clouds in Skagway that cleared as soon as the sun came up!

It ended up being a GORGEOUS day!

 #3- Rain, Rain Go Away!

Our day in Ketchikan it rained so hard! We managed to get off the ship and explore town before heading back (for more hot cocoa and cookies).  Be sure to pack extra's for when your stuff gets wet (especially socks)!
Rainy and Cold but's Alaska!

#4 Be prepared for Change

No matter what, the weather seemed to flip at a moment's notice! By the time we left Ketchikan the skies cleared and the sun came out (which also makes for awesome photos).  Be prepared by packing in layers, lots of warm socks and a good coat (or 2)

#5 The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Please don't forget your sunscreen!! There were plenty of days full of sunshine and with the colder weather it's easy to forget. While you are at it, throw some bug spray in the bag too!
Bonus...I'm so Fancy!!
Don't are still cruising and it's not all jeans, sneakers and bug spray!! Disney keeps in the interior quite toasty and we still packed our normal cruise wear for our nights out, and dinners!
Our hubbies dressed up for Palo during our trip to Tracy Arm

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