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Quick Service Dining Plan Pro's and Con's

Let me start this post off by saying these are merely my opinions and different plans work for different families. Be sure to explore all the plans to see which is a good fit for you! When we were planning our trip we went back and forth between the Quick Service and Plus Dining Plans.

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, we made the decision to opt for the Quick Service Dining plan. As much as we LOVE to eat at Table Service restaurants, this trip would be a bit different for us. Between having a 7 month old we weren't sure would sit through an hour long dinner each night and parents that had some dietary needs (Plus dining would have far TOO much food, too often), we thought we'd give this a try! Here are the pro's and con's we discovered throughout the week....also see below to find out if we'd purchase this again.

                                                 Quick Service                Plan Plus Dining Plan
Quick Service credits                        2                                          1
Table Service Credits                        0                                          1
Snacks                                               1                                          1
Refillable Mug                                YES                                   YES
Credits are per person, per night. One refillable mug per person. Ages 3+ only.

-Speed! For the most part it was was quick to grab a meal and table and we never were in a Quick Service restaurant very long

-Cost! We didn't spend any extra in tips except for the 2 Table Service meals we went to. It was nice to know our costs up front.

-Family friendly....most of the quick service places were fairly loud so if my kids were loud or messy....well we fit right in!

-Flexibility...we didn't have to schedule anything so if we moved around our Fastpass's or in our case, if someone got sick, it wasn't a big deal. We could also eat when we were hungry. Most of the time we did a late lunch and a late dinner but we could eat whenever we wanted. We also split a lot of meals.

-Limited kids options...and this won't hold true for every child BUT my children ended up eating uncrustables and macaroni and cheese all week. I have a 3 year old and 7 month old and they don't have sophisticated palettes but some other options would have been nice. My 3 year old ate her weight in grapes this week too!

-Lack of options...true there are a lot of great options BUT there are also a lot of burgers and fries. We often had to go out of our way to find something off the beaten path. We had some AWESOME food that week and it's possible to plan out those options but since we didn't schedule meals, we often just ate near where we ended up, or back at the resort. For a few days that would have been fine but not for 8 days.

-Quality...most of our food was "ok"...we had a few great meals and a few mediocre but I definitely missed the quality of the table service food. There was more than one day were I could have gone for a glass of wine and a nice steak!

Ultimately this plan is NOT for us. We missed most of our favorite restaurants and ended up with 5 credits left at the end of the trip. About half way through we started to dread eating another Quick Service option and really wished we had that down time each evening at a nice meal. It definitely wasn't the right plan for our family, right now but I can see how it would work for other families or for us without the kids. Ultimately we really love the Plus Dining plan and I don't see us purchasing it again in the future.

And just for fun...I wanted to share some of the meals we had last week!

A burger, kids pizza and steak salad from the Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort

Beef Brisket Burger from the Electric Umbrella

Sausage, peppers and onions from the Electric Umbrella

Pork Nachos from Captain Cooks at the Polynesian

Quiche with field greens and Champagne Vinegrette from Be Our Guest

Roast Beef Sandwich and green beans from Be Our Guest

Sandwiches and dessert from Starring Rolls at Hollywood Studios

Kids lunch box from Starring Rolls at Hollywood Studios

Bacon Burger, Buffalo Nuggest and kids meal from Backlot Express at Hollywod Studios

Buffalo Chicken Flatbread from Roaring Forks at the Wilderness Lodge

Roast Beef and Bleu from Roaring Forks at Wilderness Lodge

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