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The Magic of Magic Bands

Magic Bands...what are they? How do they work? When do you get them? I get these questions on a daily basis! So let's talk about them!

So what are Magic Bands and who gets them? Well if you are an on-site guest YOU do!! If you are staying off-site they are available for purchase.  

From are colorful, waterproof wristbands—resembling a watch or bracelet—that you can quickly and easily touch to a sensor called a touch point.  

Cool  right?  You are wondering HOW do you get them right?

In order to order and customize your band, you must have already booked your Walt Disney World resort reservation!

1)Well the first step is creating your My Disney Experience account and linking your resort confirmation.  Once you do that you'll notice a section called Magic Bands and Cards!  There are TWO steps you need to complete to get your Magic Bands in advance and in the color you want.

2) Confirm your address!  Once you go into the Magic Band section you'll get a pop up to  make sure your address is correct. Magic Bands ship automatically around 28 days prior to arrive so make sure it's right!!

3) Next you click on customize next to each person who wants a different color than gray!

4) Now you can customize both the color and the name. The name is etched in UNDER the band but this works great if you have the same color bands for different people!

If you customize your MagicBand between 9 and 5 days before your arrival at Walt Disney World Resort, you will receive it when you arrive at your Disney Resort hotel. If you do not customize your MagicBand, you will receive a non-customized MagicBand or card when you arrive at Walt Disney World Resort.  If you have an international address you will pick them up upon arrival!

Ok now you know what they are and how you get one...why do you want one? Check out all the cool things the Magic Band can do!

Step 1-Ordering Your bands
Be sure you order your Magic Bands early to have them arrive at your home.  You'll start using these when you arrive at Magical Express and throughout the rest of your trip.

Step 2-Check-in
During online check-in or if you choose to check-in at the resort, you'll be asked to place a credit card on file for incidentals. This card is tied to your Magic Band. Don't worry, you'll assign a pin for both the use of charging and using dining plan credits. Also don't forget you can turn charging privelleges off for the little one's. Also if you are traveling with friends you can each tie a credit card to your own band!

Step 3- Have fun!
Magic Bands make everything super convenient! You'll start by using your band to enter the park.  Simply tap the Mickey head, place your finger on the scanner (remember which one, you'll use it every time), and you're off!

Once you are in the park, you'll use your band to redeem dining plan credits, for purchases, when you have your photo taken by a Photopass photographer and for Fastpass! Just tap away!! It makes everything so easy and you don't have to carry any other cards or cash! Adults, remember to keep your ID on you if you want to try any adult beverages ;)

Oh and if you have gift cards to use, no worries! You can simply head down to the front desk and have those applied to your account before you credit card is charged!  Just make sure you

a) Know what the resort charging limit is before you finish check-out
b) Apply the gift cards before midnight the night BEFORE check-out!

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