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Three Meals A Day

Hopefully you aren't tired of hearing about the Disney Dining Plan yet, but today's post is only slightly related and I think many of you will find it very helpful!

If you are considering booking the Plus Dining Plan there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Gratuities are not included and are at your discretion (unless you with a party of 6 or more and 18% gratuity will be automatically included)

2) Two meals and one snack per NIGHT of your vacation are included (plus ONE refillable mug per person). In 2017 you will get TWO snacks per night but no dessert with your Counter Service Meals.

Every family has their own way of vacation and that includes when and where they like to eat. Whenever I discuss with a client the Plus Dining Plan, a common reaction I get is "Only two meals a day?"

I'd like to help clarify what you get on the dining plan and the various ways you can use your credits! 

First let's talk about how many credits you get. For our example let's use a family of 4; 2 adults and 2 children aged 9 and 8.

Our family will be staying 5 nights at Walt Disney World. Your Magic Band will already be loaded with all your dining plan credits.  They will receive:

-10 Adult Counter Service credits and 10 child Counter Service credits
-10 Adult Table Service credits and 10 child Table Service credits
-20 snacks
-4 Refillable Mugs

There are several ways you can use your credits! Let's start with your table service. Whenever you are at a Table Service restaurant remember that gratuity is not included AND no sharing is allowed (SOME restaurants have allowed sharing from time to time but the official rule is NO). 

 The best bang for you buck will always be dinner, plus I always recommend taking a break from the parks mid-afternoon so that rules out lunch most days. 

In the morning you want to be taking advantage of the shorter wait times in the park so most days I would avoid a long, sit down breakfast. These are VERY general rules and can change depending on the length of your vacation and family vacationing style.

So that leaves your counter service meals and snacks. The great thing about snacks and counter service meals is that you can share...AND there is no difference in child and adult credits! Disney's meals portions are usually HUGE!

I suggest one of two options to help make those credits last!

1) In the morning, head down to the food court of you resort and grab a few counter service meals to share. Grab a variety of pancakes, waffles and eggs along with some drinks in your refillable mug. Later find a great lunch option and share a few more counter service meals. Between your 2 split meals and a snack you'll be ready for dinner but not over stuffed!!!

2)  My favorite option is to order a few grocery items before arriving at Disney and saving those counter service meals for lunch time and snacks for those in between times. We don't like to waste time eating table service for breakfast except on our non-park days or our departure day. We love having some food ready to go in the room like fruit, breakfast bars, juice etc. Plus if you are traveling with a little one you can order diapers, baby food, snacks, etc. There are several local companies but I like Amazon the best.

Then we use our dining plan credits for lunch, dinner and snacks!!  Best bang for our buck and gets us in the park asap!

I can help you plan out the best way to use your credits for your family. With dozens of ways to plan your trip, hundreds of restaurant choices and different tastes and preferences I can help narrow down your choices and get the best bang for your buck. 

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