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10 tips for Magic Kingdom with Toddlers

I think for most,  it's pretty obvious that Magic Kingdom is a toddler friendly park. I think maybe of all the parks this is the most obvious choice. Not only is it what most people think of when you say Walt Disney World BUT it has hands down the most family friendly rides!

Even thought Magic Kingdom is probably the Disney Mecca for your little one' can also be overwhelming for both kids and parents alike! So instead of talking about the obvious rides, let's talk strategy!

1) Be at the parks early!
Take advantage of Early Extra Magic Hours here if you can! Also remember to be at the park PRIOR to opening and leave yourself plenty of time. Not only do you want to be there and ready when the parks open but they do a really cute opening show with all the characters. The lines are shortest in the morning and you can get a lot done in the first 2 hours.

2) Eat Breakfast in the room
If you can manage to feed your little ones it will give you more time to see some attractions before making potty/food/snack breaks. This also allows you to hit the ground running in those first few hours!

3) Know Where the Baby Care Center is
I know your little one is not a baby anymore HOWEVER the Baby Care Center's are a great resource for your family.  If your little one isn't potty trained yet know they they have a diapers and wipes for sale as well as formula, juice  and baby food.   They also have a small tv with tables and chairs as well as rockers if your little one just needs some quiet time!

4) Take a Break
I know it's hard to do but if you want to take advantage of a full day at the parks, including fireworks, a break is necessary!  There are lots of options for this!
  • Head back to your resort for naps or pool time
  • Stop in at a nearby resort for lunch and quiet time. There are lots of resorts very accessible to the parks and they are offer quiet areas and great food!
  • If you can't/don't want to leave the parks, find a quiet area for your toddler to take a breather. Many of the parks have gardens or little hidden nooks!
5) Look at the Menu's
Take a look at the menu's ahead of time. Know which restaurants have food your Toddler may like.  Before hopping in line look again and discuss what they may want to eat. We all know how picky Toddler's can be but Disney has something for EVERYONE!

6) Take advantage of Rider Swap
If you have a baby...or on the other end, if you have big kids, take advantage of Rider Swap! This is a great way to see if the attraction would be too scary for your toddler OR if it's a big kid ride, your toddler won't have too long of a wait until you get back!

7) Don't overbook Character meals
I recommend to clients not to book TOO many character meals for a few reasons. If your child hasn't experienced characters yet than booking an ENTIRE Meal can be overwhelming. Plus they are pretty time consuming at 60-90 minutes each! Try booking one or two to get your feet wet!

8) Pack Snacks!
We try and bring some snacks with crackers, grapes, etc. These help in the moments where they need something NOW but maybe you are in between meals or aren't ready to use a full snack credit on your dining plan yet. These also help us out at meals while they wait for food to arrive!

9) Stroller, Stroller, Stroller!I highly recommend either bringing your own stroller or renting a high quality stroller. Disney's strollers are ok for older kids but if you think your toddler may doze off they are kind of uncomfortable. They are made of  a hard plastic and the back doesn't adjust at all. We love our City Mini especially for the way it reclines!

10) Let your Toddler lead the way!
Ok this is more of a personal tip but let's face it...they don't stay little forever! Take some time and throw your itinerary out the window! Just have fun and enjoy the small moments!

Traveling with a toddler and overwhelmed at the planning? Contact me today for assistance booking a magical vacation!

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