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Drinking Around the World

A few years ago I was traveling to Disney with my brother. I wanted to get him a unique gift for Christmas that year. I ended up giving him the gift of, "Drinking Around the World". What? That's a gift!! Let me explain!

This was back in 2007, so I created a tri-fold brochure. The inside included a suggested drink for each country. The back, had a line for each country where he could obtain a signature from the Cast Member as he ordered his drink! I also gave him some Disney Dollars to help fund his experience (RIP Disney Dollars).

Well we had a blast!! Here are some pictures of our adventures around the world. While I no longer have that brochure template, see below for a great alternative!!

Just starting out!

Getting a signature

We had a lot of fun taking self portraits as we made our way around the world

Germany! The guy behind is isn't having as much fun as we were!

Another signature!

Almost done!

Not recommended...we did try this one day (although not all of us drank in each country) There was a mad dash at the end of the night to get a drink from the remaining countries!

Last and final group shot!! While we were taking Disney transportation and not driving, you can tell who didn't participate in EVERY country!

Since that was many years ago, I no longer have the link, BUT you can find an awesome way to drink around the world and an awesome souvenir to book!

This awesome passport can be put on a lanyard and you can wear it around EPCOT. They also make a version for the kiddos as well as a Monorail Drinking passport! Remember to be responsible and have fun!

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