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The Best Stroller for Walt Disney world

Ahhh the great stroller debate! Do you bring one, rent one or skip it all together? Today I'm going to share with you a little bit about what we do and what stroller we love!

Before I get into what stroller we bought, let's talk about your options!

1) Bring your own. This is the cheapest option, although depending on the age of your kids, maybe not the easiest. If you are flying you can gate check your stroller but what if your kids are old enough that they don't normally ride, but you want to take it a long just at Disney? This can be cumbersome to drag through the airport.

2) Rent one from Disney...the problem with this is that it's an added expense PLUS they are super uncomfortable. You also can only pick these up at the park entrance, which means lugging potentially sleepy kids from the bus back to your room sans stroller!

3) Rent one from another company. Again there is an added cost but you get a much nicer option and will have it the WHOLE time, not just inside the parks.  We highly recommend Kingdom Strollers and they will both drop off and pick up at your resort!!

Each trip is very different for us. In December of 2014 we had a 3 year old and 6 month old so we obviously had a stroller. We opted to bring our own City Mini Double with us.  In December of 2015 I traveled by myself with the 2 kids...again no brainer...I took the city mini with us. Our last trip our oldest was 5 and we skipped the stroller all together.    For our next trip while we are meeting my Mom in Orland, we still have the airport to contend ourselves!! My 5 year old definitely doesn't need a stroller BUT I think it will be easier to keep them together by using a stroller. PLUS with little sister wanting to do everything BIG sister does, it would make life more peaceful. However I do realize my 5 year old really doesn't need to ride around all day long.

While I waiver back and forth, let's talk about my favorite stroller....introducing the City Mini Double! We used to have this one in a single and just loved it. Many of the local rental companies in Orlando offer this model! Let's do quick review of everything I love about this stroller!

It's small! This the is the stroller full compacted. Which is great for when you are riding the bus!

When it's closed it has this handy latch so it doesn't bounce back open!

When it's open it's not terribly wide, which I love, but both girls fit comfortably.

I also love that each child's shade can be pulled down individually, as well as each seat reclines on it's own. That way if one is napping I can cover her up. Our previous stroller had one big shade.

My favorite part about the City Mini...the way they close! You just pull up on these handles and VOILA! It just folds in half!

There isn't a ton of space but it has a good amount of storage under there...especially compared to the single stroller!

I'm still considering whether or not to bring it or go with a smaller one for just the toddler but hands down this is my favorite stroller...whether in the single or double size!

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