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Trails End Breakfast Review

One of my favorite new experiences from last fall's Very Dapper Girls Getaway, was our breakfast at Trail's End!

I'm a breakfast person...I haven't ever met a breakfast I didn't like, although I don't typically get my money's worth at buffet's, we had heard great things about the selections here.

Since we had rented a car we opted to drive (read below for directions on taking the bus).We were at the fort in less than 10 minutes.  After parking, we quickly hopped one of the internal buses back to the Settlement Depot. The bus was pretty empty but this step could be time consuming if the stops take longer.

There is really only one way to go if you are just visiting but the signs make it very clear.

Even if you don't stay at the campground, there are tons of fun activities! From Horse Drawn Carriage rides, to Campfire Sing-A-Longs and much more!

Trail's End was very easy to find and so far, it was EXTREMELY quiet. We only saw a few people walking around. We were also VERY early to our reservation and were seated right away.

The restaurant was small and quaint inside..and almost as quiet as it was outside!

The buffet looked delicious, as there was a WIDE variety of food to choose from!

You also get to serve your food up on these cute metal dishes and bowls!

Overall we really enjoyed this experience. It can be a bit time consuming to get to, especially without a car as you'll have to take a boat from Magic Kingdom or a bus from any of the other parks. 

The price was right at less than $20 per person, although Lauren and I don't usually make out in a buffet situation. My favorite part of the meal was the bread pudding with this warm, pecan carmel topping. I'd go back just for this (note that the bread pudding can change).

This would be a perfect breakfast if you are planning a break day or even on your departure day.  Keep in mind unless you are staying here, it would be near impossible to get to opening at Magic Kingdom after eating.  This is a HIGHLY recommended restaurant in my book!

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