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Animal Kingdom With A Toddler

Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite places to be. You've heard me talk about it on the blog numerous times, our wedding reception was held's just a place we love to hang out, eat and of course, see all the attractions!

The first thing I'd like to say about touring Animal Kingdom with a toddler is keep in mind the shear size of the's HUGE! Be prepared for a lot of walking. If you aren't using a stroller, today might be a good day for it!  Most people think Animal Kingdom is a half day park, but with little one's in tow, you  might find yourself there until closing time!

Ok let's start back in Africa! There are 3 big attractions for your toddler's.   A few years ago Disney's live show, The Festival of the Lion King moved back to Harambe so be sure to check your time's guide. This is a fun interpretation of the movie and includes dancing, singing, acrobatics and more!

Also back in Africa you will find Kilimanjaro Safari.  This ride doesn't have a height requirement so everyone can enjoy! For a less bumpy ride be sure to ask for the front of the vehicle. Kids must sit between adults but they'll still have a great view!  The great thing about this ride is never the same twice because the Animals are always moving (yes they are real!)

A hidden attraction also located in Africa is the train ride out to Conservation Station! Not only do you get a glimpse behind the scenes at where the Animals Live but Conservation Station is a fun, interactive attraction. Once inside the building you can see live demonstrations, check out video inside some of the animal pens, meet characters, see live animals and more! Keep in mind there are only snack items out here so either plan to eat before or after you take the trip.  The train is the only way to and from Conservation Station!

A few attractions have a height requirement or might be a bit scary for younger kids including Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, It's Tough to Be a Bug, Dinosaur and Primeval Whirl....but be sure to head over to Dinoland anyway! Triceratops Spin is a great ride...just like Dumbo but with Dinosuars! Also in Dinoland is the Boneyard. This is  replica of a real dig site but just for kids! They can run, play,uncover bones and more! Plan this one for when Mom and Dad need a break :)

Between Expedition Everest and Dinoland don't miss Finding Nemo the Musical! It's an awesome indoor show full of color, lights and music! For us it comes in a very close second to Festival of the Lion King!

Throughout the parks there are tons of character meet and greets including Mickey, Minnie, Baloo, Russel and Doug, Flik and even Tarzan! 

Also be on the lookout for DeVine!

All throughout the parks you can find little trails to explore full of plant and animal life. Two of the biggest are the Pangani Exploration trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek.  These are tour-at-your-own pace and you can see  Gorillas, Tigers, Giant Bats and MUCH more!

Looking for something different to do? Check out the Wilderness Explorers game! In this game you'll explore Animal Kingdom earning badges. This experience can take a 3-5 hours to complete and doesn't have to be done all at once.

Also if you are looking for a great character dining experience, check out Tusker House breakfast and lunch with Donald, Mickey and gang!

Animal Kingdom is now open later into the evening that in years' past! You can enjoy dance parties, variations of your favorite rides at night (Like the Safari) and hoepfully coming soon a brand new show, Rivers of Light. Oh and if you are there at night don't miss out  a little magic on the Tree of Life!

Things are ever changing at Animal Kingdom and it's a great way to spend the day exploring and having some quality family time. This park is definitely less hectic than some other parks like Magic Kingdom! So take your time and have fun!

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