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Blast from the Past

I've decided to re-post our trip from a few years ago...four to be exact. Why? Because Disney has some great prices sailing out of Galveston over the next few months! Our cruise from Galveston a few years ago was a blast and these posts included tips and hints about:

  • Cruising From Galveston (including getting the ship and where to stay)
  • Cruising with a baby
  • What to do on a 7-night cruise
  • Much more!!
Here we go! I hope you all enjoy!

I'm ready to share with everyone our wonderful cruise on the Disney Magic!! First off, some details!!

Disney Magic
October 27 to November 3
4 adults
1 child

Ports of Call:
Grand Cayman
Costa Maya

2 staterooms- Verandah and Inside

Anytime you are cruising, unless you are local to the port, it's recommended that you arrive the day before. In case of any weather or airport related delays, this will give you plenty of time to arrive and NOT miss the ship....remember it won't wait for you!

Luckily we didn't have too early of a start on Friday, October 26th. Our flight wasn't until Noon so we had plenty of time to drop off Walter at the kennel.

After Walter was settled, we headed to pick up my parents and then it was off to the airport!! My husband is afraid of flying, so I'm usually lucky to get him on a direct flight to Disney. This was his first connecting flight and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Fortunately he did really well!! We arrived in Atlanta with plenty of time to grab something to eat and get to our next gate.

One sleepy baby!

Unfortunately I dealt with a few nasty people on the plane who felt it was more important for them to get off the plane first, while I struggled to get my bag and the baby. I actually had one woman scream at me that she had a connecting flight and had ever right to budge in front of me. Let's remember our manners when flying and everyone has somewhere to be!

Our 2nd flight was pretty uneventful and before we knew it we had landed in Houston!! I was pretty excited that the first person I saw in the airport was wearing a cowboy hat!

Ok for those of you FLYING to Houston for a cruise out of Galveston, this info is for you. You have a few options for getting to the port:

1) Fly in the day of the cruise and take Disney transfers (not advised to fly in the day OF)
2) Fly in the night before and use a car service to get to your Galveston hotel (2 Galveston Area hotels offer shuttles to the port)
3) Fly in the night before and stay near the airport (not a great option...the area around Houston Hobby is not great)
4) Fly in the night before and take a rent a car

We opted for option number 4. Our main reason for this was because we were traveling with an infant and many car services didn't offer a car seat or were just priced too high. We rented a mini-van for about $125 (half the price of the car services). Also, Enterprise is the ONLY car rental company in Galveston and they are NOT open on Sunday's.

The line at Enterprise in the airport was LONG and the other rental companies had NO one in line, but as this was our only option we stayed put. Once our reservation was taken care of, we had to board a shuttle to the Enterprise location, about 10 minutes away. This was NOT easy with 5 people, 6 bags, a stroller, car seat and carry ons!!

Soon enough we were on the road...unluckily we ran into Houston traffic for over 30 minutes. We chose the Comfort Suites in Gavleston and I can't say enough good things about it. It was super clean and quiet and had a great breakfast. Plus they offered a shuttle to the port for just $20 per room.

By the time we go to our hotel, the baby was asleep and it was almost 8 p.m. Did I mention the baby didn't sleep at all the night before? We were both exhausted!!! She went right to sleep and after we got some food, I was quickly behind her! After all, Saturday was a big day!

It was too dark when we arrived to see, but this is the view across the street from the hotel!

Up next...boarding the Disney Magic!

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