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Senses Spa

One of my favorite, adult only things to experience about a Disney Cruise is the Senses Spa. On the Disney Fantasy and Dream it's slightly different and since the Fantasy is my FAVORITE ship, I'll be talking about that version today.

When you first board your ship, everything is open to explore.  Be sure to stop by and take a tour of the spa.It's a nice way to check things out without having an appointment!

The first room on our tour surprised us both...the Smile Spa where you can get your teeth whitened...who knew?

Up next, the Barber Shop!

Also a salon for the ladies. You can get everything from a Shampoo and blow out to color, name it!

Up next is the pedicure and manicure stations.

On our First cruise aboard the Fantasy, my best friend and I experienced Fire and Ice Pedicures:
This super rejuvenating pedicure will warm your senses and cool your tension. Savor the sublime as your feet and lower legs are soothed with our cooling gels and then warmed with a heated stone massage. This combination of hot and cold, plus aroma-therapeutic ingredients promote healthy-looking skin and nails.

We loved our pedicures and mine didn't chip for weeks! They looked gorgeous and after a whirlwind 3 days in the parks, it was amazing to have a pedicure and leg massage.

My only slightly negative comment is the pedicure did end up costing us more than we planned.  Be sure when you are asked about options you inquire about the price. We both chose the no-chip paint option which we were unaware cost an additional $25.  Still very much worth it though!

We agreed that for such a short vacation, we wouldn't be visiting the next location but on a longer cruise I would love to come and work out here!

There was not just equipment here in the fitness center but many classes offered as well.

Another surprise to me was the Chill Spa...a spa just for the teens!!

On a longer cruise, I would also LOVE to come here...this is the couples Spa Villa.  It was amazing! You can choose from 120 or 130 minutes. This includes everything from massages to wraps and more!

 The next room was where you can get massages, wraps and firming treatments.

During our first cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy in 2012, one of our favorite experiences while on board was in the Rainforest room.  Senses offers multi day passes but you can also head there anytime and ask about a one-day pass.  For less than $30 per person you have access to this space for a whole day!

You will be provided wristbands and brought back to the lockers to change.   Our wristbands had an electronic chip that allowed us access to the Rainforest room for the entire day.

Once we were changed into our swimsuits and robes we were given a bag with 4 different scrubs and scrubbing pads. We were instructed to start in one of the 3 saunas (Hamam (steam bath), Caldarium (steam room) and Laconium (dry sauna).)

Lanconium was first. This was a dry sauna with heated benches and a large window overlooking the Ocean. This was our day at Sea and it was unbelievably relaxing.

Next we tried Caldarium...we found this to be a bit too hot for our liking and only stayed for a short time.  We ended with a trip to the Hamam. I think this room was supposed to be the hottest but it was rather cool (we didn't complain lol).  This is the room were you are instructed to use the scrubs. We had a variety to choose from (Vanilla, Lavendar, Chocolate...and I think something citrusy)

After we were all scrubbed up, it was time to try out the showers.  There are 4 showers to choose from; Tropical Thunder, Water Fun, Rainforest and Cool Mist.  Each shower is tiled in a different color and has several buttons to try different water temperatures and pressures. That is coupled with lights and smells...let's just say it was pretty heavenly!

Once we were rinsed off (we smelled amazing by the way!) We headed straight out to the private Grotto.  Here you'll find heated benches to relax on (with reading lights!)

We skipped the benches and decided to soak in one the private hot tubs overlooking the ocean.

I can't say enough...this was an AMAZING experience. For the price, you can beat the experience. We can't wait to go back and try it again!

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